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Our Mission at Holzapfel Training Group is to educate corporate organizations and entrepreneurs how to maximize their success and productivity and create outstanding company cultures by using highly innovative and transformational methods.

We stand for innovative ideas, methods and training programs to create leadership excellence,  work-life integration, improved life quality at work and maximum  productivity / results.

Creating happiness at work.


Company Purpose

The purpose behind our business is to help save people’s and animals lives and to make the world a better place for all of us. We are committed to financially supporting life saving and supporting projects in third world countries, in the western world as well as animal rescue organizations worldwide.

Our somewhat CRAZY VISION

Our work is sparked by the ambitious goal to inspire 1 Million organizations and entrepreneurs worldwide to become better leaders and develop outstanding company cultures of happiness and joy by 2035.

Our work ethics and values include

Authenticity: we do what we say and we own what we do.

Respect and Honesty: we treat our clients, partners and employees with respect and honesty.

Purpose, Freedom, Joy and Happiness: through purposeful action we create personal freedom, happiness and joy in this world.

Achievement and Contribution: we strive for excellence in all we do. We live a giving mentality and our actions are fueled by compassion.

Team work: we effectively collaborate, keeping in mind that only together we can improve the service for our clients. We create win-win-win situations.


 Who we are


Ralf Holzapfel, Co-Founder of Holzapfel Training Group has been a passionate leader in diverse leadership positions for over two decades.

He successfully led a European recruiting company with about 170 employees for many years before he founded IPN Brainpower Consulting Inc. in 2010, a recruiting company specialized in Engineering and IT located in Burnaby, British Columbia. He is  also the CEO of IPN Brainpower.

Ralf’s search for a more successful & authentic leadership style during his time as a CEO in Europe led him to experience the amazing & valuable insights horse-assisted learning provides.

Studying with many well-know leadership experts internationally, and particularly with Bernd Osterhammel, a leading expert in corporate leadership and team training programs with horses, has provided Ralf with the necessary resources to help leaders of all kinds transform their lives & become excellent leaders.

Based on his knowledge and profound experiences he gained through the work with horses, Ralf decided to help other leaders to discover their maximal potential by offering equine-assisted leadership and team development programs together with his wife Corina. They currently own six horses and facilitate workshops and training programs at their stable in Agassiz, which is a 75 minute drive from Vancouver, British Columbia.

photo (3)Corina Holzapfel, Co-Founder and CEO of Holzapfel Training Group,  has a rich and detailed repertoire of expertise in the equine industry as well as in the fields of personal development and holistic health.

Corina is a seasoned trainer, speaker, equine-assisted coach and facilitator helping individuals and organizations alike in creating excellent results and lasting change in their professional and personal lives.

Through her ambitious, success-driven and creative personality she  excelled in many different fields. She has studied personal development and success strategies for almost two decades and consistently works on improving her knowledge.

In her late twenties with the challenges of running her private practice as a certified German Heilpraktiker and the birth of her two children she had to face severe health challenges, which forced her to search for solutions on how to live life with more ease and joy while being successful at work and “managing” the family. During that time she discovered many valuable lessons from the horse’s wisdom and  the invaluable benefits of Yoga and mindfulness practices on health and well-being. This, later on led her to become a certified life and business coach as well as a classical Yoga and meditation teacher.
Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others grow both personally and professionally and find true meaning, purpose and joy in their lives.

Corina has been a philantropist for decades. Legacy and charity are important to her. She has been financially supporting many different humanitarian organizations,  projects and charities worldwide, such as SOS Children’s Village, Merci Corps, PETA, TARGET, charity:water  and other smaller projects for many years.

In 2013 she published her first Yoga and mindfulness DVD “Coco’s Yoga Classix” which is available here

"Horse Wisdom for Mastering Effective Interpersonal Communication "

Friday April 10, 2015, 9:30 am - 5pm, Location: Holzapfel Stables, Agassiz, B.C.

Early Bird Price until February 28th 2015: $237 plus Tax

(After February 28th  2015: $297 plus Tax)

This is a small group workshop for a maximum of 8 participants. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Note: this is a workshop for individuals. If you are interested in booking a leadership training or team development program for your company, please contact us here

"Building Rapport With Your Team "

Friday May 1st, 2015, 9:30 am - 5 pm, Location: Holzapfel Stables, Agassiz, B.C.

Early Bird Price until March 31st 2015: $237 plus Tax

(After March 31st  2015: $297 plus Tax)

This is a small group workshop for a maximum of 8 participants. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Note: this is a workshop for individuals. If you are interested in booking a leadership training or team development program for your company, please contact us here




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Training Programs

   The Spirit of Leadership Training

Horse Running / herd in  steppe

The Spirit of Leadership Training is a professional equine assisted Leadership Training Program for Executives, Managers, Team Leaders and Individuals.  The Training Package includes an introductory workshop, multiple training sessions with the horses and follow-up coaching sessions. Click on the picture or contact us for more information!

  Team Power

Team Power Picture Horse

The Team Power Training is an equine assisted team development training that incorporates physical exercises with conceptual learning. A team's excellence is defined by each individual's ability to stay open and receptive to new things, to communicate effectively, to live mutual trust and to turn problems into opportunities.  Through working with the horses the competencies and skills being developed actually become embodied rather than remaining good ideas forgotten in the busy day to day work. For more information click on the picture or  contact us!

  Mind-ful @ Work

mind-ful @ work picture with logo



Coming Soon!


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Leadership Straight from the Horses' mouth",  published in the Sounding Board Newspaper Vancouver, October 2012. 




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Holzapfel Training Group, Agassiz, B.C.

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